Extend Your Rooms from Windor

Don’t you wish you had more space, bigger rooms? If only the balcony could be part of your bedroom, if only the patio could merge with your living room. Our windows will unite areas and ventilate your home.

Reduce Energy Costs

An energy saving window consists of cooling insulating material, double-glazing and proper sealing between wall and window as well as between the opening and fixed framing of the windows.

Maintenance Free

Unlike wooden and aluminium windows, Our windows and doors retain its lustre for years and will never ever require a coat of paint or change of hardware. Unsurpassed value for money.

Add Value to your Home

Experts agree a properly designed energy saving window can save nearly 30% energy.Modeled on this premise, conforming to XXXXX specifications for green homes. Windor products contribute substantially to energy savings.

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We at Window Trading Company Limited try hard to deliver the absolute best in the industry. We off  a superior and affordable product backed by enterprise grade  after sales service support. Give us a call today!

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