Doors – French

French windows – casement windows with one or more sashes. Typically they refer to big windows that can also serve as doors.

The strength of this design enables a large sized door that can stretch from floor to ceiling or cover the entire span of balconies. This ensures that users get excellent view of the outside without getting any noise in.

French windows and doors also give maximum sunlight and ventilation since there are two sashes instead of one. When open, they give an enhanced feeling of openness.

As with all of our products, French doors are complete with all hardware and paint. This really makes a French door stand out in any home.

French doors are custom-sized and can fit any opening. Though they typically lead to the exterior of the home into a balcony, we also offer them for bedroom doors often.


Choose the Right Type of French Window and French Door

Recommended for

  • Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms.
  • Areas that require strong sealing from dust, water pollution and noise.
  • Air-conditioned rooms.


  • Double sealing with EPDM gaskets for enhanced thermal and sound insulation and a barrier against dust and pollution.
  • Allows more light to enter the window compared to a slider. Offers an unobstructed view.
  • Opens outside or inside: both options available.
  • High quality hardware does not rust despite sustained exposure to the elements.
  • Friction hinges stay open at any angle in the face of high-speed winds. No window stoppers required.
  • Locks at several points across the window for security and better sealing.
  • Night ventilation option without allowing insects to creep in.
  • Shoot bolts ensure that windows cannot be opened from the outside.
  • Tests for 20,000 cycles ensure long life.


  • Fixed window is the simplest casement window. It does not have any open able sash and hence no hardware. Single piece of glass is fitted in the UPVC frame


  • Windows that require good sound insulation and space economy..
  • All windows that require mesh.
  • Bedrooms, living rooms.