21st century window technology can make a bigger impact in rooms and suites than your choice of carpet or walnut desk. Our Products can:

  • Block noise, rain, wind, dust and pollution
  • Reduce air-conditioning costs
  • Brighten up your rooms
  • Improve the view outside
  • Increase ventilation (as and when you need to)
  • Create space: Unite balconies with rooms
  • Add flourishes of elegance: The impeccable finish lasts a lifetime
  • Reduce maintenance with weather proof windows

Peace and quiet: just what your guests expect
With Windor windows, street noise comes down by as much as 45 decibels. Double sealed, fusion welded and locked at multiple points, the windows are free of gaps or cracks. Unlike conventional windows, the unique design creates a lifelong barrier against noise, dust, pollution, rain and wind. The option of double and triple glazing adds further insulation against unwanted elements.

 Easy-to-clean and maintain
No painting required ever. Frames never chip or fade or lose their sheen. Just routine cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to keep them looking new.
Modular and flexible, our designs allows your architects to explore the frontiers of design, from straight lines to arches, from bay to french windows, from casement to sliding and combinations, from windows that rise from floor to ceiling to windows that span balconies.

International designs. 5-star aesthetics. Flawless finish
Match the window finish with the décor. Make your selection from pristine white, wooden finishes like light oak, mahogani and morning glory.

Bring down air conditioning costs and save energy
Professor NK Bansal of the Centre of Energy Studies, IIT and Ashvini Kumar, co-authors of the definitive book on the subject Green Windows, have come to an astonishing conclusion: “Properly designed energy saving windows in an air conditioned building can save nearly 30% energy.”

In their expert view, an energy saving window consists of:

  • A heat insulating framing material
  • Double-glazing
  • Proper sealing between wall and window as well as between the opening and fixed framing of the window.

Our products adequately satisfies these energy saving criteria. The airtight features improve insulation and raise efficiency of air conditioning.

Complete time bound project management solution
Windor removes a huge burden from your shoulders by offering a complete customized solution: survey, design, manufacture, delivery, installation and service.
Skilled engineers, infrastructure and processes cope with fast turnaround times. Windor aligns its work practices to the ones you follow. Experts ensure that no room days are lost in the process of installation.

No order is too large, no deadline too tight. Just call the experts for a complete energy saving window solution and 5-star service.