One window can build  additional strengths in your office

A one-time investment in our windows promises life long returns
Windor windows can outlast buildings. Made from a special UPVC formulation developed specifically for the tripics, the windows are precision-engineered in state-of-the-art factories that deploy current global technologies. The construction and design of the windows introduce dramatic improvements in your office environment.

Windor transforms your office while you work
Windor replaces old windows and installs new ones with clockwork precision, without disruption or disturbance in the day to day running of your office. The installation team aligns its work practices and schedules to the ones you follow.

No noise. No dust.No pollution.
Our windows are multi-chambered, double-sealed and fus ion-welded and they lock at multiple points. Unlike conventional windows, there are no gaps in the frame or between the wall and frame. Nothing can enter.
Result: Complete insulation from noise, dust and pollution.

Save up to 30% energy and reduce air conditioning costs
Experts* on ‘Green Windows’ have concluded, “Properly designed energy saving windows in an air conditioned building can save nearly 30% energy.”
In their view “an energy saving window consists of (i) a heat insulating framing material, (ii) double-glazing and (iii) proper sealing between wall and window as well as between the opening and fixed framing of the windows.”

The U-Value of PVC is the lowest of all window-framing materials, which means Windor minimizes energy loss.

Material Timber Aluminum PVC
U-Value (W/m2K) 2.78 4.93 2.61



Create a ‘Green’ Environment
Apart from energy saving, Windor helps in making a green office:

  • Windor’s UPVC blend is 100% recyclable
  • No sound. No dust. Excellent sealing improves indoor environment quality
  • Windor windows outlast buildings
  • No usage of VOC in manufacture and installation of Windor windows
  • Environment-friendly material: Energy required to produce an aluminum window is four times greater than that for a UPVC window

Maintenance free
The windows require no maintenance, other than routine cleaning with soap and water. Unlike conventional aluminum windows, our windows will never need a coat of paint. Unlike conventional wood windows, Windor is termite-proof. The imported hardware, tested for 20,000 cycles, is trouble-free and durable.

Bright, airy cabins with a view
The strength of Windor translates into another advantage:SIZE. A Windor window can cover vast spans presenting a panoramic view and inviting sunlight and fresh air. The windows lower your dependence on artificial lighting and save costs.